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Puppy Training:

Our Facility is open to the public by appointment only.          Its simple to book, just call, text or message us on our facebook page.

We can let you know if we have avaliable space for your dog. 

All dogs are required to have proof of up to date vaccinations at or before time of boarding appointment. this insures the safety of your dog and others dogs.


$25- day for less than 1 week 

$20- day for more then 1 week 

One issue that is quite common is potty training. Many people just dont know where to srart or have struggles potty training. We can help you! We offer a Potty training training course. In this course, your dog will go potty outside on comand, and depending on age will be able to hold its bladder for a extended period of time.

keep in mind most of potty training is based on consistency and scheduling. you must be willing to continue a schedule with your dog in order to maintain training.

potty training is best when started at 8-10 weeks of age.


$500 - 1 week course

$900- 2 week course- more extensive potty training & longer training program = more potty training experience for your puppy 

-We offer stud services to select females. 

-We require all females be current on vaccinations, deworming, and a recent canine brucellosis test.

-We prefer that females are health certified.

-This insures the health and well being of all parties involved & safeguards the health and well being of the dog(s)


Prices vary depending on female, breed etc.


Breeds Avaliable for stud service:


- Standard Poodles

- Giant Schnauzers

- Great Danes

- Leonbergers

We believe that training begins at birth with puppies, and responsible informed breeders. Proper socialization & stimulation with young puppies is very important in the mental health & well being of your puppy. This is why it is very important to do your reasearch and find a responsible breeder who socializes pups from a young age. (we can help you with this) but is also cautious and careful to keep the pups free from sickness such as parvo or other deadly sicknesses. 

We offer a puppy training which includes teaching crate training, stopping/ redirecting chewing, barking & unwanted biting, this also introduces to basic commands: come, sit, stay, down, This program is alot of socialization: kids, other dogs, people, noises like vaccumes, cars, tvs etc. baths, car rides, leash training. socialization is very important for puppies to insure a healthly mental state for the start of their life.

Puppy basic training is recommended at 12 weeks + ( pups are required to have a minimmum of 3+ round of puppy vaccinations & Kennel cough vaccination & be current on dewormings. This insures all the pups stay healthy & happy. Proof of Vaccinations is required before puppy can start training.

$900- 1.5 week- basic intro to puppy training- learning all the qualites stated above, continued work at home is required as this is only a 1.5 week training program

$1650- 3 week basic puppy training (described above)

$3400-6 week Puppy-obedience boot camp & Potty training Course:  this covers the commands above, however this course is more intense & the Commands learned are more exact, this program also covers potty training. (More intensive training = less work for you at home) this program also covers any behavior corrections: chewing/redirecting chewing, such as jumping on people, digging, accessive barking, this program also takes the dogs for car rides, & extreme socialization, the dog learns to listen in a variety of situations from dog parks to stores full of people, carts, cars, noises, kids etc.

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