Feeding  & Suppliments

What we feed our pups & adult dogs: 

In addition to the dog food above, all of our dogs/pups we keep also get:


- NuVet Plus Immune system bulider & NuJoint Plus suppliment ( helps develop strong and healthy bones & joints)
-1-2 lbs each dog, raw meat daily. (chicken, beef, duck, lamb, turkey exc.)
-Hearts & livers 2-3 times a week
- 2 Raw Eggs each
- Always unlimited fresh, clean water
- Raw Bones (uncooked) Beef bones, Chicken bones(as long as they are not cooked)

Guarantee EXTENTION!

We Offer an additonal one year health gurantee if you give your Puppy NuVet Plus.

Can be purchased Online or in store at from Costco